Engineering the Future

A vision for UK engineering

Engineering the Future Engineering the Future is a broad alliance of professional engineering institutions and associated bodies which represents the UK's 450,000 professional engineers. The alliance has produced a vision for engineering which identifies the key priorities for a thriving UK economy, based on engineering innovation that builds on our national strengths and addresses the grand challenges of the 21st century.

The alliance is comprised of EngineeringUK, Institution of Chemical Engineers, Institution of Engineering and Technology, Institution of Mechanical Engineers, The Royal Academy of Engineering, Engineering Council, Institute of Physics, and Institution of Civil Engineers.

Further details can be found at the Engineering the Future website.


Insight into modern manufacturing Insight into modern manufacturing

An insight into modern manufacturing was produced by the  IET, the Royal Academy of Engineering and the Institution of Mechanical Engineers under the banner of Engineering the Future and tells the story of present day manufacturing in the UK from the perspective of the manufacturers themselves.

Insight into modern manufacturing


Infrastructure, Engineering and Climate Change Adaptation Infrastructure, Engineering and Climate Change Adaptation

This report examines vulnerabilities in different sectors of the national infrastructure to the effects of climate change and the modifications that would be needed to increase resilience. It also considers vulnerabilities that affect the infrastructure system as a whole and which arise as a result of interdependencies between different sectors. The effects of climate change on infrastructure are not limited to changes in weather, but include the impact of efforts toward climate change mitigation, and changes in behaviour and demographics. These must be considered alongside other developments such as population growth and changes in the economic environment.

Infrastructure, Engineering and Climate Change Adaptation


Cheltenham Spa Rail Station 2007 flood Engineering, infrastructure and climate change conference

Today we rely more than ever on infrastructure; it supports our daily activities and its continuity and performance is crucial to the success of the UK. The recent creation of Infrastructure UK and the Infrastructure Planning Commission underlines the increasing importance that Government attaches to our national infrastructure. Our infrastructure system is now highly interconnected and each sector - energy, transport, water - is dependent on the secure operation of others. This increases the risk of cascade failure where an issue in one area rapidly becomes a much wider problem.