Qualifications and experience required for TMIET

Qualifications and experience accepted as evidence for Member with designatory letters TMIET.

To join the IET as a Member with designatory letters TMIET, you must meet the requirements for TMIET including having achieved an acceptable standard of knowledge and understanding.

Listed below are appropriate qualifications and experience in the field of science, engineering and technology that would be accepted as evidence.

Appropriate qualifications for TMIET

  • UK Foundation degree;
  • UK National Diploma;
  • UK Advanced Modern Apprenticeship;
  • City & Guilds Higher Professional Diploma in Engineering;
  • City & Guilds 236/2360, parts 1, 2 and C (electrical installation or similar);
  • Qualification at Level 3 in UK National Qualification Framework (NQF);
  • Qualification at Level 6 in the Scottish Qualifications and Credit Framework (SQCF);
  • Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) Gold Card.

Appropriate experience for TMIET

  • Service Engineer;
  • Electronics instructor;
  • Repair and routine maintenance activity;
  • Fault diagnosis and rectification; or Diagnostic testing using defined procedures;
  • Supervisor; or Site supervision of craftsmen and tradesmen;
  • Installation and maintenance electrician; or Electrical contractor;
  • Inspection;
  • Sole trader;
  • Design and installation of small-scale domestic layouts;
  • Completion of a work based learning route approved by a licensed professional engineering institution; or Completion of a recognised technician apprenticeship accredited by an industry association or major employer; or Completion of a monitored training programme which has achieved recognised standards, assessed by a qualified professional engineer or body.

Please note...

The IET periodically reviews and expands these lists to encompass other sectors within the science, engineering and technology industry.

It is IET policy to use the term designatory letters rather than post-nominals when referring to the letters after your name.