Requirements for TMIET and MIET

Overview of requirements for TMIET and MIET membership.

To join the IET as a member with designatory letters (TMIET or MIET) you must:

  • provide evidence of knowledge and understanding;
  • provide details of a supporter;
  • sign/confirm the applicant statement;
  • understand the IET's right to withdraw membership and designatory letters.

Evidence of knowledge and understanding

You must provide details of any science, engineering and technology qualifications that you have completed or are in the process of completing. Having an appropriate qualification already shows that you have achieved the required standard of knowledge and understanding.

Qualifications will only be accepted from establishments recognised by the National Recognition Information Centre (NARIC). NARIC is the UK agency responsible for providing information and expert opinion on vocational, academic and professional skills and qualifications from around the world.

If you do not have an appropriate qualification, you will need to provide a copy of your curriculum vitae (CV). Your CV should clearly detail:

  • your present employment position;
  • previous employment positions;
  • any roles, responsibilities and other qualifications relevant to your application.

Your CV will then be assessed by a trained member of staff who will check your qualifications and experience and verify that you have achieved a suitable level of knowledge and understanding. The IET reserves the right to request a detailed CV from any applicant.

Supporter details

You are required to provide details of a supporter who can confirm that you have achieved the required knowledge and understanding and are a suitable candidate to use the IET’s designatory letters after your name.

The IET may contact your supporter for further background to your application for membership.  It is not IET policy to disclose comments made by supporters and we would urge applicants to discuss their membership application with the support prior to submission.

If you have successfully completed any of the appropriate qualification as detailed on the Qualifications/Experience web pages (links above) then you do not need a supporter. However you do need to send copies of your certificates to show that you have completed your qualifications. The IET reserves the right to request supporters for any application for TMIET or MIET.

Your supporter can be:

  • your employer;
  • a member of the IET;
  • someone who knows you in a work capacity.

If your supporter is a member with the designatory letters FIET, MIET or TMIET then the IET assumes that they understand the requirements for designatory letters and your application will be submitted for assessment. To ensure IET standards are being upheld, the IET contacts a small proportion of these supporters for further verification.

If your supporter is not a member with designatory letters FIET, MIET or TMIET then the IET will write to them explaining the requirements for designatory letters. Your supporter will need to decide whether you are a suitable applicant for this membership category and complete and return the supporter inquiry form to confirm your eligibility.

The IET will wait for your supporter's response before assessing your application. If your supporter has not responded within two weeks, the IET will contact them again. After another two weeks, if no response has been received, you will be asked to supply new supporter details.

If your supporter does not support your application, or we feel further verification is required to complete our assessment, the IET will request additional supporter details from you.

In all cases, if new supporter details are not provided within four weeks, your application to become a Member with designatory letters will be placed on hold and you will be assigned the Associate category of membership.

Whilst your membership application is being assessed, you will be able to access the advantages of membership however; you will only be entitled to use the appropriate designatory letters after your name once your application has been approved. The IET will contact you once your application has been approved and you can begin using designatory letters.

If you cannot find a suitable person to support your application, for example if you are self employed, you can contact the IET for advice on the best way to proceed.

If you would like to act as a supporter, find out more about supporting TMIET or MIET applications.

Applicant’s statement

All applicants applying for membership are required to confirm that the information provided is correct.

Withdrawal of membership or designatory letters

The IET reserves the right to withdraw your membership and your entitlement to use designatory letters if you mislead the IET in order to gain membership.

Please note: It is IET policy to use the term designatory letters rather than post-nominals when referring to the letters after your name.

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