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Join us for the IET Harvey Lecture 2023 on practical high-brightness far-ultraviolet light sources

Our search and selection panel scour the world for potential candidates each year, drawing on expansive international networks to reward the most innovative workers in these fields.

The winner is invited to give a lecture on their work and what they will do with the Prize money. 

This year’s online lecture will be delivered by our 2022 winner, Professor John C. Travers, a professor of physics and Director of the Laboratory of Ultrafast Physics and Optics at Heriot-Watt University.  

Professor Travers will be sharing his work creating new sources of far-ultraviolet light using ultrafast pulses that are a million billionth of a second in duration.

In his lecture, he will explain how he hopes to find new and important applications of far-ultraviolet light for healthcare and ultra-precision laser machining by creating innovate light sources in the far-ultraviolet spectral region.

Professor Travers has pioneered a new technique to generate pulses of far-ultraviolet light, based on the use of soliton dynamics in gas-filled waveguides, which outperforms all previous techniques. He will explain this technique and what he has achieved so far.

The IET Harvey Lecture is taking place at 13:00 GMT on Thursday 9 March. It will be broadcast live and followed by a Q&A session with IET President Professor Bob Cryan.

If you’d like to ask Professor Travers a question, these can be asked during the lecture itself or you can send them in advance via Twitter using #IETHarvey.