Reading lists

Take a look at the Reading Lists below to browse selected publications in key topic areas.

Most of the content is available to members online via the IET Virtual Library. Where no online version is available, members can access the print version via the Knowledge Centre.

Leadership and Management

January 2022

This reading list features a range of titles from our online collections which provide guidance on building your career, project management, leading a team, and more.

Collection Highlights 2021

November 2021

The most popular ebooks and ejournals of 2021, as chosen by you. Titles included cover a range of engineering and technology topics and are all available to access online via the Virtual Library. 

Healthcare Engineering

October 2021

This reading list features key titles from our online collections which cover healthcare engineering topics including biotechnology, robotics, and telemedicine.


September 2021

This reading list focuses on the topic of transportation, covering electric cars, railways, and transport networks.

Engineering Mathematics

August 2021

This reading list features a variety of online resources available to members via the Virtual Library to help solve mathematical problems in engineering. It lists key ebooks and ejournals as well as highlighting the problem solving tools available through Knovel. 

Communication Networks

July 2021

This reading list focuses on the latest developments in communication networks, covering computing, fibre optics, and network design.

Artificial Intelligence 

June 2021

This reading list explores the topic of artificial intelligence, covering computing, machine learning and smart technology. 

Engineering History

May 2021

This reading list covers key topics in engineering history, including ebooks on notable scientists, transport history, women in engineering, and the history of computing.

Information Security

April 2021

With a focus on the topic of information security, this reading list features titles covering networks, protection and threats.

Smart Grids

March 2021

These e-book and e-journal titles focus on the topic of smart grids, covering design, implementation, renewables and smart appliances.

Electric Vehicles

February 2021

A selection of e-books and e-journals focused on electric vehicles. These titles explore specific topic areas from batteries and charging to construction and design.

Career Development

January 2021

A selection of e-books and e-journals to aid with your career development, covering areas such as leadership, education, communication, the future of work and more.


November 2020

The most relevant e-books and e-journal titles for those interested in the latest developments in communications technologies, including radio, 5G and wireless.

Renewable Energy

October 2020

A selection of e-book and e-journal titles covering renewable energy technologies, from smart grids to solar panels and wind turbines.