Data migration important information

The IET is pleased to announce the successful launch of Career Manager v3, which went live in June 2013.

Data migration ran successfully following the launch of Career Manager v3. On the 29th May 2013, we took a snapshot of Career Manager v2 user data and migrated it over to the new version. Changes made between 28th and 30th May were not reflected in the new system. Career Manager v2 went on to be a read-only site until the switchover to v3 which took place on the 24th June 2013.


Some of the information could not be migrated over to v3 as it did not map with the new and improved functionality. The data migration FAQs below highlight the areas which have not been migrated over for reference.

Data migration FAQs

Non-submitted registration applications

Non-submitted registration applications were not migrated over to the new version of Career Manager. We advised all Career Manager v2 users that if they would like to retain a copy of their application, to export a copy from the registration checklist.

Was my organisation chart migrated?

No, organisation charts within the current version of Career Manager were not migrated over to the new version as there is new functionality which allows you to upload a more accurate document to support your professional registration application.

Were my archived competence assessments migrated?

No, archived competence assessments were not migrated to the new version. Users were advised to export a copy of these if they wished to keep them for their records.

Were my current competence assessments migrated?

Yes, all current competence assessments were migrated to Career Manager v3.

Were my personal details migrated?

No, the majority of your personal details including education, training etc. were migrated, however due to new functionality which integrates personal details with MyIET, you should note that your personal details were derived from your My IET account and will override any personal details that differ in Career Manager. You are able to edit and update these details from within Career Manager v3, or by accessing your MyIET account from the IET website.

Please also note that Career Manager v3 does not require an Address Line 4 or Fax number – so if you held information in these fields in the current system then the data was not migrated.

If you are at all unsure which details are correct, we would suggest that you export a copy of your personal details summary from the current Career Manager before 28 May 2013 to retain for your records.

Were my Objectives and Actions migrated?

Yes, however please note that if you had any completed "Other Objectives" from the Development History in Career Manager v2, these were migrated into a full list of active and completed objectives in Career Manager v3, with a status of ‘completed’. This is because there is no longer a separate development history for CPD objectives.

I am on an accredited scheme and registered via Career Manager. Did data migration affect my accredited scheme status?

All scheme information from Career Manager v2 was migrated into "Previous and Other Schemes" in Career Manager v3, with an end date set to the date it was migrated because this field is mandatory. In order to update your accredited scheme information and change the end date you can do so simply by selecting "Edit".

You may also wish to link with your IET accredited scheme coordinator by using the new scheme functionality. Details of your scheme number and how to join will be forwarded to you by your scheme coordinator in due course.

I have previously submitted an "Intent to Register" via Career Manager, were all my details migrated?

You will remain registered with the IPD service, however you will not be able to view all of the information previously submitted. This includes details of any sponsor, mentor and company contact you have nominated as this information is no longer required by us as part of the service so we are no longer storing it. Information for those supporting candidates will now be available online.

If you have any further questions please email us on career-manager@theiet.org.