Career Manager v3 functionality and benefits

IET Career Manager has been improved to create a user-friendly journey for whatever stage of your career you are at. This includes a new look and feel, and also integrates with MyIET so that you can update your personal details in one place.

Quick Launch Tool

IET Career Manager home page now has a quick launch tool which focuses on the key functionality within the three main aspects of your professional development. These are:

• Initial Professional Development (IPD);
• Professional Registration;
• Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

The new home page also contains reminders for target dates of objectives and actions.

Professional Registration

IET Career Manager now mirrors the paper application process for professional registration, so you can prepare and submit your application online. It also enables you to track progress of your application, provide further evidence and liaise with your registration coordinator while your application is being processed by the IET.

• Document upload facility allows you to upload a more in-depth organisation charts and other supporting documents to accompany your application;
• Simple online validation process for supporters which includes the supporter reference form.

Accredited Schemes

If you are on an IET accredited professional development scheme, IET Career Manager allows you to create an affiliation with your scheme manager so that your inclusion on the scheme can be recorded and verified. 

There is also now a simple interface for scheme managers, which allows them to engage with candidates who are enrolled on their scheme, and view live development snapshots to oversee candidate development goals and progress.

If you have any queries in the meantime, please contact your IET accredited professional development scheme manager.

UK-SPEC and Job Profile Tools

Core framework functionality from the previous release of Career Manager has been carried over, with enhancements to provide easier sharing of competence assessments and now:

• have your Job Role competence assessment verified;
• store up to 28 archived assessments;
• nominate two verifiers for guest ticket access to review and comment on your competence assessments.

Development Reporting

Carried over from v2, you can set objectives and actions against UK-SPEC and Job Role Profiles. We have improved this functionality further by allowing you to now:

• set periodic reminders for IPD and CPD planning reports to help you stay on track and gain regular feedback on progress;
• have reports verified by up to two verifiers;
• add reflection against objectives and actions.

CPD Recording & Reporting

IET Career Manager now allows you to record your CPD objectives and actions, and quickly and easily allow you to record your CPD activities as you complete them. 

Dynamic CPD Reporting enables you to present a record of your CPD activity for discussion with your employer and is an easy way for you to submit your records ready for monitoring.

• Create folders for easy access and tidy filing e.g. by year;
• Record CPD hours against activities.