Career hacks

If you want to get ahead - your goal has to be professional registration. Our top career hacks will help you progress your career:

• Learn more about Professional Registration;

• Read our blogs with career hints and tips;

• Book on to a professional development course;

• Get connected to a mentor.

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Become a Chartered Engineer

Developing solutions to engineering problems using new or existing technologies, through innovation and creativity.

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Access Career Manager

Log-in to Career Manager to apply for professional registration.

Read the ten hacks

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Discover the top 10 career hacks that will help you to get ahead.


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Become an Incorporated Engineer

Improve your career prospects with an internationally recognised qualification.

Find an advisor

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Advice and guidance

To ensure that your application meets the criteria and standards, we recommend applicants seek some additional advice and guidance.

What does CPD mean?

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Continuing Professional Development

Your planned and structured learning to help maintain professional competence.