Career Manager frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions to assist you when using Career Manager v3

What support is available for me on how to use Career Manager?

We have different support options available to ensure that you can make the most of the broad range of functionality in Career Manager. There are user guides available on the different areas of Career Manager.We also run online webinars for each of the main functions available in Career Manager: CPD, IPD and Professional Registration. The webinars provide a demonstration of the tool, with a question and answer session at the end. Each webinar lasts approximately 1 hour, and if you are unable to book onto one of the live webinars then pre-recordings are available should you wish to view at your convenience. You can book onto one our live or pre-recorded webinars by visiting our online training page

Why do I not have full access to the functionality on Career Manager?

You need to be a member of the IET to enjoy the full functionality that Career Manager has to offer. If you are a member of the IET but do not have the full access to Career Manager, you may not have linked your membership number to your website login details. Please contact careermanager@theiet.org for guidance on how to resolve this.

How can I update my personal details on Career Manager?

Career Manager is linked to your MyIET account, so your personal information will be automatically populated. If your personal information (title, name, date of birth, or post nominals) are wrong, you will need to contact the membership team. You will be able to update your contact details within Career Manager and this will also update your My IET record.

How is applying for Professional Registration on Career Manager different from the offline process?

Applying on Career Manager is the same process as the offline application, however your application is created and stored within the tool and verification is completed online.

What is a Professional Registration Assessment?

This is a self-assessment tool within Career Manager to help you determine your readiness to apply for professional registration. You can record evidence against the UK-SPEC or ICTTech professional registration frameworks with the aid of levelled guidance, and then use this as a basis to set objectives and actions under My Development.

Why is my Career Manager Professional Registration Assessment not included as part of my application?

The process for applying for professional registration is a separate process to initial professional development (IPD). Your application for professional registration is based on your 'Responsibilities' and 'Personal Achievements' gained through employment experience. It is important that this contains sufficient detail for each job role to illustrate personal duties that demonstrate the necessary examples of competence. This content is best described in a CV format and using first person active verbs like 'I designed', 'I analysed' etc. The wording should make clear particular tasks, duties and responsibilities that underpin your competence development.

I have completed a Professional Registration Assessment in Career Manager. Will the IET want to see this?

If you have a completed Professional Registration Competence Assessment, you can include this to support your professional registration application.  You must export a pdf copy of your ‘Assessment Summary Report’, which must have been verified by at least one of your supporters within four weeks of the date you are planning to submit your professional registration application.

Upload it within the ‘Supporting Document’ area of Career Manager, selecting’ Verified Assessment Summary’ as the upload file type.

N.B this document acts only as further evidence to support your application; you are still required to complete all elements of the application form including a detailed employment history. If you do not complete all areas of your application this may be returned to you to provide additional experience

A user guide is available to provide you with further assistance on how to upload your professional registration assessment to accompany your professional registration application.

Can I use Career Manager to only record my CPD?

We encourage our members to use Career Manager to plan and record their CPD objectives and activities. We have developed Career Manager to enable easier CPD recording, whilst allowing you to produce attractive reports detailing the CPD activities you have undertaken.

To record your CPD activities quickly and easily, simply:

Log into Career Manager and select ‘CPD’ from the Quick Launch Tool on the right hand side

  1. Select ‘Record my CPD Activities’
  2. Add a folder to categorise your CPD Activities e.g. ‘2014 CPD’
  3. Click the ‘Add CPD Activity’ button and enter the relevant details.
  4. When you are ready, click on the ‘Reflection’ link and enter your reflective thoughts.

If you would like further information on how to plan and record your CPD, you can download our CPD Quick Guide

I am supporting a colleague’s application for professional registration, but my guest ticket is invalid; can the IET send me a new one?

The IET does not have access to individual records within Career Manager. Your colleague will be able to generate a new guest ticket by returning to the verification section where they added your details initially. They will need to select ‘Invalidate Guest Ticket’, which will automatically generate a new link which they can send to you.

Please note that guest tickets only remain valid for 28 days. If you only partially complete the verification during this period, you will lose any information you entered.

Where do I record my volunteering experience?

You can record volunteer experience in two places in v3. This can either be recorded in your employment section or as a CPD activity under My Development. If you are preparing a CV or applying for professional registration we would recommend that you record this under employment so that it shows on relevant reports. If you are already registered and are recording your CPD, particularly for the IET's CPD opt-in scheme, then we would recommend that you record this as an activity which you can record hours and reflection against.

How do I send a copy of my Career Manager registration application to a Professional Registration Advisor (PRA)?

You can export an MS Word copy of your application from Career Manager via the Registration Checklist. Ensure that you have filled out all of the mandatory items on the checklist, and you will able to export a copy of your application using the ‘Preview Professional Registration Application’ hyperlink available just above the registration checklist.

You can locate a local PRA by visiting www.theiet.org/advice and entering your postcode at the bottom of the page. You will then see a list of PRA’s in your local area who you can request contact from via a web form to discuss your application.  You should use the ‘Preview Professional Registration Application’ when reviewing with a PRA as this will give them the best overview of the content and quality of your application.

I have not consulted a Professional Registration Advisor but this is a mandatory field in the checklist, how do I progress my application?

The IET strongly advise that all candidates speak to a Professional Registration Advisor (PRA) prior to submitting an application, however you are still able to progress your application by selecting "No" in response to "Have you spoken to a PRA?"

I have uploaded my supporting documents for my professional registration application, but they are not being checked off the checklist, why is this?

You will need to ensure that you mark each document as ‘Current’. This will allow the documents to be included in your application pack and check the items off the checklist.  You must make sure that you only upload one file per ‘file type’. If you have more than one document for each file type to upload, please ensure they are included within the same file.

I have tried to join my IET accredited scheme on Career Manager but it is not available. How do I join this?

If you are currently on an IET accredited scheme and cannot link to it using your four digit scheme number, please contact careermanager@theiet.org.