Broadband: The Untold Story of the Women Who Made the Internet by Claire L. Evans

Broadband: The Untold Story of the Women Who Made the Internet

Tuesday, 8 March at 4.30pm GMT

Claire L. Evans is a singer, writer and artist based in Los Angeles, California.

She is the lead singer and co-author of the Grammy-nominated pop group YACHT, an advisor to graduate design students at ArtCenter College of Design and is a member of the cyberfeminist collective Deep Lab.

When you think of the big names in technology, names like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Tim Berners-Lee spring to mind.

But what about women? How many can you name?

It’s not because the female counterpart hasn’t contributed to creating the internet, but simply that they’ve been hidden from the limelight.

Learn about their inventions and contributions that touch our lives in ways we don’t even realise.

Claire writes the popular science and culture blog Universe, which is hosted by National Geographic's Scienceblogs network; one of her essays within this, titled "Moon Art: Fallen Astronaut" was anthologised in The Best Science Writing Online 2012.

She has also written for Vice, The Guardian, Wired and Aeon and in 2013 became editor-in-chief of OMNI Reboot, the online version of the science magazine OMNI.