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The campaign follows new IET research that found that nearly two-thirds (64%) of British women are considering taking on careers in engineering despite there only being 12% (Engineering UK) currently in industry.

When exploring the reasons why the IET led research found that nearly a fifth of women (17%) suggest the disparity in those thinking about pursuing engineering and those who follow through could be down to a lack of visible role models. This becomes most evident when considering the 28% of women who don’t think they’re clever enough to consider pursuing a career in engineering.

Worryingly, outdated visions of the industry could also be contributing, with 18% feeling it’s not suited to their gender, whilst a further 13% are put off by the fear of being discriminated against.

This can be seen most prominently with nearly half (49%) of the population feeling STEM industries are outwardly sexist. STEM careers, however, are valued significantly, with almost a fifth (19%) of the public understanding both the wide range of job opportunities available and the earning potential of an engineering career.

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