As part of the YPC’s strategy, the committee has identified a number of key projects which the Young Professionals (YPs) believe to be priority initiatives and projects that require their focus. This list is not exhaustive - these are reviewed each year and potential new projects are identified.

If you have any bright ideas we’d love to hear from you. Drop us an email at

Technical challenge - Hackathon

The Young Professionals Committee (YPC) has suggested that a technical challenge for young professionals would be a key engagement tool for our target audience on a global scale, which is where the project identification of a Hackathon comes into place.

The YPC will be working on a 3-part hackathon to run throughout the summer of 2022 with the aim of upskilling in valuable team building and technical skills, and the opportunity to network with others globally.

IET 2030 Strategy

Working closely with IET staff and stakeholders, this project will ensure that a young professional focus is at the forefront of the 2030 strategy with the aim of helping the IET to achieve its project goals.

Mentoring Service

YPs have previously expressed a need for mentorship through the IET.

This project is investigating the possibility of expanding the current IET mentoring scheme to not just be linked to becoming professionally registered. This could involve offering mentoring relationships to provide advice on start-up businesses and how to turn innovations into reality.

The project team is working to conduct research and create a new proposal.

Learning and courses

Training is a key component of what attracts YPs to an Institution like the IET and this project is looking at how our existing services can be made more appealing to a YP audience.

The project team are working with IET colleagues to identify where improvements or new initiatives could help to support YPs and increase engagement.