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PR communications and branding

Media and Communications Toolkit

A good communications plan will help promote your events, increase audience numbers, as well as raise the profile of your community, both in the local area and within the IET.

You can create on brand material automatically and order promotional items to use at your events. Download the Media and Communications Toolkit [PDF, 1.25MB]

Member News

You can use our member publications to promote your event and community to our 160,000 strong global membership base. Both printed and online, Member News gets a wide readership and is the ideal platform to publish great content about your Local Network. If you’ve got a story to tell, get in touch.

Learn from other volunteers

Richard Tregaskes, Secretary of the Southern California Local Network, talked to us about why he created a communications matrix. From forward planning emails to coincide with speakers, topics and technical visits for the year ahead to using online communities to host physical events, read his ideas [PDF, 150KB] and see how your Local Network could benefit from a communications plan.