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Volunteer Core Value Awards - winners

Congratulations to all of our winners!

2023 Winners


Award to Cameron Nicholl

Cameron is a driven individual who has championed STEM activities in his local area. Over the past 18 months he has started a role with Sellafield as a graduate and began volunteering for IET. Cameron has done a great job getting the local community involved with social impact work and has set up routine work experience programs for school-age children in partnership with Sellafield, encouraging them to take up future roles in STEM.  The sessions have been very well received by the students and positive changes were noticed by teaching staff and parents.

Cameron is an inspirational figure and has recently begun spearheading a community project to renovate a school garden in partnership with Sellafield that will give local students a green space that was previously unused.

Cameron has managed his IET volunteering role along with his job role and is excelling in both; he is known among his peers as a professional, outgoing person and a go-to for getting involved with STEM outreach.


Awarded to Chenguang AN

Chenguang has been an IET volunteer for over 10 years in the roles of International Professional Registration Advisor, Professional Review Interviewer and Registration Assessor.

Chenguang devotes himself to volunteering, especially in promoting the National Engineer evaluation registration in China, which not only improves their capability, but also helps other engineers and makes a positive impact of the IET through meeting excellent applicants and volunteers. Chenguang once gave a speech on the theme of "Being an Elegant Engineer", which was recognised by many excellent peers. In that speech, he compared the international standards of evaluation of engineers to a mirror which can illuminate the future path of engineers, especially young engineers.

Chenguang has helped to develop the skills and knowledge of other volunteers and supported their success in their roles. All the members who have spoken with him show a very grateful attitude, and take Chenguang as a symbol of the integrity of IET volunteers.


Awarded to the Preliminary Investigation Board (PIB)

With responsibility for investigating, reviewing evidence and recommending further action where members have breached the Rules of Conduct, the PIB has a responsibility to the IET, its members and staff.

They are a very diverse team with varied backgrounds and located worldwide, that come together to form smaller panels for each case, every time successfully melding together to review the complaints and initiate resolution. The small teams always work well together, sharing experience and knowledge, and have always delivered a timely and appropriate decision for each case at all stages. 

The nature of the PIB and confidentiality means that the direct impact cannot be easily demonstrated - however, their work has been essential in ensuring the professional reputation of the IET and fairness is maintained. In general, the team has ensured that unfounded allegations against members have been dismissed; "fraudulent" or illegal criminal activities (post-trial) are investigated and passed to the Disciplinary Board; and minor infringements of the Rules of Conduct are also resolved.

2022 Winners


Awarded to Richard Meadows, as an IET Professional Registration Advisor, Richard has been consulting and supporting several engineers at Megger Instruments at various levels of professional registration, and many have enjoyed Richard’s extremely valuable and effective consultations.


Awarded to Ejay Nsugbe, Ejay was a finalist who took part in the STEM based “I’m an Engineer Get Me Out of Here” competition sponsored by the Welcome Trust; having won and received seedcorn funding, it is being spent on visiting rural schools. 


Awarded to the Taylors University On Campus Group from Malaysia, they organised fantastic support at the beginning of 2022 to address the destruction caused by the floods.