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Campaign for Science and Engineering

The Campaign for Science & Engineering is a leading independent advocate for science and engineering in the UK.  The strength of their policy advocacy is due to political networks, independent analysis, broad membership, and responsiveness.

Their objective is to communicate to Parliament and the nation as a whole the economic and cultural importance of scientific and technological education and development, and the vital need for the funding of this research by Government and industry.

Achievement of this is generally by meeting directly with ministers, civil servants and advisers in Westminster and Whitehall, as well as in Edinburgh, Cardiff and Belfast; by

  • networking with a wide range of industrialists, educationalists, researchers and academics involved in science in engineering
  • by commenting in the media and interacting with backbench Parliamentarians to keep science policy at the forefront of the public agenda
  • and by publishing analyses, briefings and responses to public consultations

CaSE is now an established feature of the science and technology policy scene, supported among universities and the learned societies, and able to attract media attention. They are accepted by the Government as an organisation able to speak for a wide section of the science and engineering community in a constructive but also critical and forceful manner.

Further information can be found on their website