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IET EngShorts - Autonomy in transport: Could crashes soon be a thing of the past?

 In this EngShort we discuss the deployment of autonomous transport and the new opportunities and challenges it brings. Automation is widely expected to increase road safety as most crashes are caused by human error. 

Do you think crashes will be a thing of the past with the rise of autonomous transport systems?

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IET EngShorts - Are flying cars nearly a reality?

Flying taxis aren’t a reality yet but they are under development in many different countries including the UK. Regulations around operating them don’t exist yet, which makes us question, can they be as safe or safer than a journey on road? The cost of these journeys and environmental impacts will also be considered. Would you use a flying taxi?

IET EngShorts - Will the UK transport industry meet net-zero targets?

Our transport sector accounts for large amounts of CO2 emissions and other pollutants which cause extensive air quality issues. Despite targets being set for electric vehicles, we need more low-carbon sustainable solutions.

Is the UK transport sector ensuring net-zero goals will be met?

IET EngShorts - How can we make autonomous transport safer?

From autopilot in planes to driverless metros in cities, automated transport systems have been getting us from A to B for decades, and soon autonomous cars could be an everyday reality.

However, with increasingly complex systems increasing the risk for error, how can we ensure these systems are safer than manual vehicles?

IET EngShorts - Can technology deliver my package quicker?

We all love the option of next day delivery, but this means we’re opting for more light goods vehicles on our roads, which is damaging to the environment. New technology solutions have been emerging, such as drones and droids delivering our goods.

IET EngShorts - Will we all be driving electric cars soon?

With transport now the UK's most polluting sector, the Scottish Government has pledged to phase out new petrol/diesel cars by 2032.

How would you feel about switching to an electric car?

IET EngShorts - Do I need to buy a car?

Would you be prepared to give up your car in the future?

Car-sharing apps are becoming increasingly popular even though 77% of UK households own a car.

Can Mobility-as-a-Service be a way to start reducing congestion?

IET EngShorts - Should I learn to drive?

With autonomous vehicle testing underway in the UK, we could see driverless cars on our roads as soon as 2021.

This new technology means the cars do the driving for us…posing the question; do we need to learn how to drive anymore?

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