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Built Environment

DC ecosystem - does the off-grid world need a new electrical ecosystem?

In this EngShort we discuss the need for a new electrical ecosystem in the off-grid world as there are 500 million people with an unreliable national grid. We are advocating for the development of a global VDC ecosystem. Learn more at

48VDC: Is it the safe and affordable solution we need?

In this EngShort we look at the migration from no electricity to plentiful, reliable, affordable electricity, which is not a smooth one. Most of us are familiar with 12V direct current or DC and 110 or 230V alternating current. We are interested in the gap between these two as 12VDC is limited in power and grid AC is often unnecessarily powerful and unaffordable.

Is your home negatively impacting your health and wellbeing?

In the UK, those in the most deprived neighbourhoods live 9 years less than those in the least deprived neighbourhoods. What does this say about our homes impact on our health and wellbeing?

Our current homes do not meet the needs of our future housing either. We need our homes to be people-centred, low carbon, adaptable and comfortable.

Are UK homes on their way to meet net-zero targets?

We all understand the need to decarbonise quickly to hit our net-zero targets but how are UK homes attempting to achieve this goal?

27 million UK homes are primarily heated by fossil fuels, which represents 13% of the UK’s carbon footprint. Our homes need to be more energy-efficient and sustainable. 

Can we unlock greater value from the built environment?

The built environment is complex and amazing but the relationship between buildings and our needs is still poor.

Can we learn from COVID-19?

The COVID-19 pandemic is locking down many countries around the world in an effort to control the spread of the virus.

There have been many restrictions placed on travel, work and social gatherings. This, however, has had an unexpected impact on the environment.

Should some of these practices continue to be in place?

Are smart meters important?

Are you confused about smart meters? We’ve all seen them in the news recently but how important are they and should we invest in them?

You might not think so now, but they have a big part to play in managing our energy use in the future, so it’s good to know the facts…

Could Hydrogen Heat my Home?

The UK is investigating the supply of hydrogen to homes and businesses by “repurposing” the gas network, which has not yet been done anywhere else in the world.

But what are the engineering risks and uncertainties involved?

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