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Move forwards in the transport sector

Not far behind is the promise of hydrogen-fuelled public transportation, autonomous vehicles and Mobility as a Service – which means a huge change in the way we develop our road systems and infrastructure. Such changes will also impact on the wider business, with increasing new product development as the technology embeds across all areas of transportation. Added to this, is the consumer cultural-change, which needs to be managed to ensure trust in and adoption of the new transport systems.

With this in mind, we have brought together all of our activities and resources which relate to the transport sector. Whether you’re working in industry, research, or you’re studying, you’ll find all you need to keep pace with changes and move forward in your career.

By joining a multi-disciplinary, professional engineering institution such as the IET, you can keep up to date with industry developments, learn skills that are in demand and build your reputation in this dynamic and complex sector.