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The 48VDC Realisation Forum

  • What would it cost to get the grid everywhere; fiscally, culturally, or environmentally?
  • Is there a way to get grid benefits without grid costs?

The real challenges faced in the off-grid world speak to the aspirational challenges we have set ourselves in the on-grid world – to be more sustainable, looking to 2050. We have set ourselves the challenge to explore this and this hub brings together resources, people and organisations who can make this happen.

DC ecosystem - does the off-grid world need a new electrical ecosystem?

In this EngShort we discuss the need for a new electrical ecosystem in the off-grid world as there are 500 million people with an unreliable national grid.

We are advocating for the development of a global VDC ecosystem.

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Get involved

Membership is open to organisations that wish to be part of this revolution, either by developing standards, influencing the direction those standards take, promoting the concept, or building demonstration installations. 

To create an ecosystem that stands the test of time in a wide variety of different environments and markets demands input from the very best experts worldwide. To ensure these are involved requires resources, to which the members will naturally be called to contribute. The organisation will also raise funds from philanthropic organisations promoting the green economy and improving the standard of living in the developing world.

Email us at to get involved, ask questions, or learn more.