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Smarter regulation: UK product safety review

The UK’s system of product safety regulation faces challenges and opportunities, from new technologies and rapidly changing business models, to how consumer products are made, supplied and used. 

The Dept for Business and Trade is consulting about the design and implementation of an improved, more agile product safety framework to ensure that UK businesses can adapt smoothly to change and not stifle growth.

In particular the IET will be focusing its response on the dangers posed by the sale and use of unregulated Li-ion batteries in such products as e-bikes and e-scooters.  Technological developments have led to exponential growth in the use of these sustainable means of transport.  However, unregulated products pose significant fire safety threats, with fatal outcomes.

We’d welcome your thoughts on ways to enhance such product safety. We’ll tailor our response to relevant questions, such as those in section 3  and section 4 – but, where appropriate, please also add comments related to other sections. 

The IET Board of Trustees has decided to respond to the following consultation and will accept responses from IET members including Member, Fellow, Honorary Fellow, Student, and Associate. Please provide your membership number with your consultation response.

The IET is seeking to respond to the consultation and would welcome your views and comments on the questions posed.

Please respond no later than 9am on 26 September 2023 to Andrew Rylah with "Smarter regulation: UK product safety review" in the subject line.

In your response please also state the particular question number(s) that you are responding to.