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Destination net zero

IET factfile: Destination net zero

The UK Government has a range of targets to reach net-zero in transport but how will these targets be met considering the whole carbon lifecycle?  In May 2022, the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) and the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) opened a workshop to answer such questions.

One result is this report containing the thoughts of a wide range of experts from industry, academia and government on the research challenges still ahead to meet net-zero.

Highlighted issues include the development of an electric vehicle charging infrastructure; the long research and development cycles involved in finding alternatives to fossil fuel powered aviation and shipping; at the end of the lifecycle of transport and equipment, we need to think about the level of carbon involved in their reuse or disposal.

There are expert views on:

  • the types of chargers which should be used and the recycling of batteries when they become unusable
  • developing a successful charging network and the types of chargers to use when charging electric vehicles en masse.
  • the uses and role of hydrogen in decarbonising transport.

Read our report to connect with the leading thinking on how the UK can take a whole lifecycle approach to reduce carbon in the transport sector.