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Could Mobility as a Service solve our transport problems?

IET factfile: Could Mobility as a Service solve our transport problems?

This new report aims to develop a better understanding of Mobility as a Service (MaaS), its evolutionary path, benefits, unintended consequences and deployment challenges.

The document is aimed at senior transport authority professionals and transport operator leaders worldwide with responsibility for delivering mobility services. It is designed to offer insight when considering how MaaS could contribute to improved access to transport in a financially sustainable way.

In addition to drawing on the experience from within a multidisciplinary working group at the IET, the report uniquely brings together ten use cases from around the world that illustrate the relative maturity of MaaS components and the role they fulfil in a MaaS service.

This paper is not intended to be a guidance note with a specified set of recommendations/actions but rather aims to support developing informed decisions about MaaS. Furthermore, the document does not promote a specific MaaS solution or provider and rather provides a realistic and unbiased view of the role of MaaS and its ability to achieve intended objectives.