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Engineering a more resilient world

IET factfile: Engineering a more resilient world

Covid-19 tested the resilience of the global community. In many countries, long-standing protocols and procedures, created to mitigate the interruption or loss of services, proved insufficient or ineffective as the impacts brought by the pandemic created new and extraordinary challenges.

The probability of global shocks and disruptions, be they environmental, economic, or pandemic, has increased. In light of the pandemic, many governments are reviewing their national infrastructure security, crisis management, and resilience arrangements. These are urgent, substantial challenges and engineers are vital to help secure the solutions and mitigations which will be needed in the future.

This document provides an overview of resilience. It includes perspectives of the systems and infrastructures needed to safeguard and maintain the essential services we all take for granted. Together with consideration of the personal and professional competencies, engineers will need to harness an increasingly complex array of interrelated systems, with extensive interdependencies.

Read our report to learn more on engineering a more resilient world for our increasingly complex and technology dependent society.

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