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Developing an eco-system for supply chain success

Developing an eco system for supply chain success

This IET Sector Insight considers the case for the creation of a supply chain ecosystem and the many opportunities and challenges faced in an increasingly uncertain world.

Described as “utterly fascinating, dynamic and exciting”, supply chains are still misunderstood. They remain an essential contributor to the future success of manufacturing operations and the prosperity, resilience and sustainability of the global economy.

The report, written for supply chain champions, practitioners and students explores:

  • the vital role which engineering plays in enabling the supply chain eco-system to absorb, react to and mitigate disruption by constantly adapting, learning and evolving
  • how the sharing of assets and capabilities across the supply chain ecosystem may help to enable the greater flexibility in the future, and
  • how the adoption of digital technologies such as Blockchain within some supply chains and manufacturing industries have become enablers with engineers at the heart of the ecosystem, delivering supply chain success.