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Delivering net zero through digital

IET factfile: Delivering Net Zero through Digital

Manufacturers looking to improve the efficiency and productivity of their operations can take important steps towards Net Zero by embracing and embedding digital technologies, at the same time.

Our report, jointly published with colleagues from Policy Connect and the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Manufacturing, calls for combined and concurrent action on the efficiency and sustainability of manufacturing operations through digital.

“Together, digitalisation and sustainability are the two most powerful forces that we are going to see in manufacturing over the next decade,” says Steve Evans, Chair of the IET’s Manufacturing Policy Panel.

“Joint and synergistic action on both is now urgent and vital. We can’t afford to have separate digital and sustainability strategies. To deliver the ambitious C02 reduction target of 12MT as set out in the Government’s Decarbonisation Strategy, will require a gigantic effort from both digital and sustainability problem-solvers, on an industrial scale.

Politicians and policymakers can help too by ensuring manufacturers have the business and financial support they need”.