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Code of practice for independent safety assessors (ISAs)

Independent Safety Assurance (ISA) Working Group factfile: Code of practice for independent safety assessors (ISA’s)

Supplementing the codes of conduct and codes of practice of professional bodies Independent safety assessment is the formation of a judgement, separate and independent from any system design, development or operational personnel, that the safety requirements for the system are appropriate and adequate for the planned application and that the system satisfies those safety requirements.

It is increasingly being used to obtain assurance of safety. Independent safety assessors carry responsibilities that demand a high level of professional conduct. The Codes of Practice of professional bodies whose members may carry out independent safety assessments provide for an appropriate level of general professional conduct.

However, the role of independent safety assessor carries with it particular professional responsibilities that need to be emphasised in the professional conduct of the assessor.

Furthermore, it is recognised that currently, not everybody who carries out independent safety assessments is a member of a professional body. This Code of Practice for independent safety assessors addresses the perceived need for a Code of Practice that:

  • Addresses the particular responsibilities that apply to independent safety assessment
  • Can apply to everyone who carries out independent safety assessments, whether or not they are a member of a relevant professional body.

It supplements, rather than stands in place of, the Codes of Conduct and Codes of Practice of professional bodies.