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Safeguarding the metaverse

IET factfile: Safeguarding the metaverse

A guide to existing and future harms in virtual reality (VR) and the metaverse to support UK immersive technology policymaking.

The metaverse is a major milestone on the digital media timeline, representing vast opportunities for users to benefit from the immersive virtual environment. As well as positive outcomes, the metaverse also brings with it various threats and vulnerabilities for its users that need to be addressed at industry, regulatory and government levels.

Read our report for a background and context of the adoption and uptake of VR technologies as well as its benefits to wider society. We examine the potential harms associated with VR and the metaverse and share key recommendations to ensure the dignity, safety and rights of VR users. We highlight areas in which there could be negative outcomes created by engagement with the metaverse, while addressing areas of concern regarding safeguarding for users, particularly minors. This report has been written for government, policy makers, digital industry and technology professionals.

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