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Safeguarding the metaverse - flyer

IET factfile: Safeguarding the metaverse - flyer

The metaverse is a comparatively recent addition to the vocabulary of the digital media landscape. It is an umbrella marketing term that brings together related technologies such as virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), the internet, computer gaming and digital communications.

The metaverse provides increased positive opportunities in medical, leisure, creative and industrial sectors, allowing multiple users to interact in a virtual space without the need for real-world proximity. The metaverse also brings with it various threats and vulnerabilities for its users that need to be addressed at industry, regulatory and government levels.

To safeguard the metaverse, we must understand the harms users are exposed to. This flyer presents a summary of the potential harms in VR and the metaverse as well as recommendations to ensure the dignity, safety and rights of users are met. Policy makers will play a key role in encouraging a positive, healthy metaverse culture and ensuring that users feel safe.

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