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Electromagnetic fields and health

IET factfile: Electromagnetic Fields And Health

Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) are inevitably produced by all electrical systems. Electric and magnetic fields are produced wherever electricity is used. Electric fields are generated by voltages, magnetic fields are produced by currents. In other words, electric fields exist around all wires and electrical devices whenever they are connected to a supply of electricity.

Examples include power lines and cables, electrical appliances, wireless local area networks (WLAN), mobile phones and base stations, and TV and radio transmitters. Research into the potential health risks associated with EMFs has been ongoing for more than 30 years and a large body of scientific evidence has been amassed. Initially, research efforts were focused on the fields produced by the electric power distribution system that supplies energy for domestic and industrial use. Since then, studies on the effects of mobile phones and other wireless devices have predominated.

This fact file is written for professionals working in the field of EMFs. However, the paper is also of interest to medical professionals as it concludes that there is no evidence that EMFs, as used in society, cause damage to human health. Based on scientific evidence, the findings should also reassure the general public.