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DevSecOps in a safety-related environment

IET factfile: DevSecOps in a safety related environment

DevOps (Development and Operation) and its extension, DevSecOps (Development, Security, Operations) aim to break down the traditional silos between teams responsible for each of these areas and produce software in a holistic and often automated way.

In doing so, it reduces costs, increases delivery rates and enhances a culture of transparency and assurance.

This flyer on DevSecOps is one of two high-level IET guidance documents on the benefits and pitfalls/challenges of agile development and DevSecOps practices for organisations undertaking safety-related projects, products, or services.

Its aim is to spread awareness and to increase understanding and the use of good practice amongst engineering managers in this area.

This flyer presents information about the DevSecOps lifecycle and offers points for organisations working within the safety-related environment to consider when evaluating whether a DevSecOps approach is appropriate.

A more detailed report is currently being developed and will be published shortly.