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System Security, Resilience and Recovery Modelling

IET factfile: System Security, Resilience and Recovery Modelling

According to the IET power network joint vision report, significant changes are needed across the nation’s power networks to facilitate a ‘one system’ approach. It has been recognised that decarbonisation of energy supply is considered to be the biggest even change to GB’s national energy infrastructure being created with two-way power flows (in particular for distribution grids), less predictable distributed generation and demands (including massive EV charging) and large scale intermittent wind energy generation, in particular.

In this situation, the requirements for network operators (both for transmission and distribution grids) are huge to ensure the reliability, security and resilience of power grids in terms of a shock, either big or small. This report reviews the current operating practices, conducts a literature search, prepares relevant bibliographies, and understands the current modelling capability for power grid security, resilience and recovery, and discusses the emerging phenomena and modelling requirements.

Finally we will provide recommendations in terms of the technical gaps in power grid security, resilience and recovery modelling.