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Modelling requirements for GB Power System Resilience - main report

IET factfile: Modelling requirements for GB Power System Resilience - main report

This document presents the findings from the IET project on electrical power system modelling in Great Britain, undertaken for CST (Energy) and GO-Science. The project scope was agreed as:

  • GB (including offshore systems) but taking account of existing and potential future interconnectors.
  • Electricity system (generation, supply, networks, electricity storage, demand response).
  • Credible levels of user engagement and behaviour.
  • Low carbon generation scenarios (based on National Grid’s Electricity Ten Year Statement and Future Energy Scenarios).
  • Electrification of transport and heat scenarios (based on DECC’s scenarios underpinning the CCC 4th carbon budget - as applied to the Smart Grid Forum WS3 study).
  • Study period to extend to 2030 but with a particular focus on the period 2016 - 2024, which may identify some shorter-term challenges.

The project objective is to assess the modelling capability required to ensure the on-going delivery of a secure, resilient and efficient electricity system for Britain through its low carbon transition and to recommend actions to address the issues identified.

The project was informed by the parallel strand of work being undertaken by the IET Power Network Joint Vision (PNJV) group, which is examining the challenges arising from future system complexity and the case for establishing a System Architect function for the national electricity system.