Future Power System Architecture - International Study

IET factfile: Future Power System Architecture - International Study

The purpose of this international fact-finding study is to explore electrical power systems in other countries that are known to be facing similar system challenges to those we might envisage in future impacting the national GB power system. It is not the purpose of this study to advocate approaches adopted in other countries or to recommend if, or how, initiatives or policies adopted for their electricity power systems should be applied to the GB system.

Rather, the purpose of the study is to:

  • Provide evidence of challenges currently being faced, or anticipated, elsewhere.
  • Discover how the relevant industry players and authorities in those countries are addressing or proposing to address those challenges.
  • Identify initiatives and policies that might be particularly relevant to the GB context.

In conducting this study, care has been taken to establish contact with reliable sources of information within the countries studied and to ensure that the findings documented in this report are factually accurate. By way of further assurance, peer reviews of the findings have been conducted where practicable.

The Future Power System Architecture Project has used the findings of this study to inform its evidence base for justifying requirements and options for future electrical power system functions.