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What’s behind your lights working?

IET factfile: What's behind your lights working?

Power cuts are disruptive to modern life. People in the UK have become accustomed to a reliable supply of electricity. Yet short, local interruptions are not uncommon, especially in rural areas, and there have been broader concerns expressed about long-term security of supply at local and national level as older power stations close.

This briefing report has been produced by the IET’s Energy Policy Panel who are experts on the issues faced by the electricity supply industry. The report is intended to put the issues surrounding potential power cuts into context and to identify in a factual way the stresses and constraints on the system in the short and medium term.

Some sources of information that can be referenced to check statements in this report:

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  • DECC, Severe Weather - Christmas 2013, March 2014
  • Ofgem Communication - Ofgem announces £17 billion for electricity network and cuts bills for consumers, July 2014