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Precious renewables survey report

Precious Renewables Survey Report Landscape

In August 2022 the members of the IET Energy Panel carried out a survey on renewables and the planning, skills and appetite for change within the energy industry.

The survey results highlight the importance of the recommendations in the IET paper, UK renewables – limitless energy or a precious resource, and particularly the need for an effective strategic planning process and new whole-system coordination and accountability mechanisms.

Participants gave their views on the achievability of net zero within the timescales required and highlighted and the impact of energy costs on progress toward a net zero energy system. Key responses include:

  • 60% of respondents felt that there is good knowledge about what is needed to transition the energy sector to renewables
  • Over half of respondents believe that most of the technologies required to support the transition to net zero exist today, with a smaller group seeing the need for further innovation.
  • Engineering skills needs were seen as a key shortfall, with a lack of strategy in education cited as a key barrier to the development of appropriate skills.

Encouragingly, the survey indicated good evidence of personal investment and behaviour changes amongst respondents.