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6G for policy makers

IET Factfile: 6G for policy makers

An IET guide on shaping the direction of the evolution of wireless-based services, networks and technology over the coming 20 years.

This IET guide aims to show policymakers the longer-term opportunities 6G provides to improve today’s national wireless infrastructures.

The ‘next generation’ of mobile technology has become a prize the global wireless industry awards itself every ten years. Vendors secure a new market, mobile operators reduce the risks of introducing technology disruptions, countries see sustained investment in national wireless infrastructures and its global scale guarantees that the benefits will be affordable to consumers.

The purpose of this guide is to equip these policymakers with an understanding of the opportunities from 6G to shape a better future, national wireless infrastructure and inform research priorities. This guide is timely as 6G is currently a blank sheet. Conversations are just starting in various parts of the world, and these will begin to define what sort of 6G emerges a decade from now.