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5G Further Faster

IET factfile: 5G Further Faster

‘5G Further, Faster’ (5GFF) is an initiative by a group of companies and academics working with the IET. The group believe strongly that a new approach to the way mobile radio spectrum is allocated in the UK is urgently needed, to allow for the UK to be a world leader in 5G and to benefit everyone all over the country. 5G will power the connected devices which will be crucial to the digital economy of the future.

Perpetuating the old method of allocating mobile spectrum only on a national basis will significantly hamper the UK’s ability to achieve this. So, the 5G Further, Faster Group supports the vision of the market expansion model outlined in the Government’s Future Telecoms Infrastructure Review. Most urgently, this affects specific aspects of the imminent release by Ofcom of radio spectrum at 3.6-3.8 GHz for 5G.