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Engineering a Better Digital World

Economies require the wider adoption of trusted digital systems and connectivity to enhance the health and wealth of society. While there is the potential for this to be transformative it will be disruptive to some and so technologies must be accompanied by appropriate levels of public trust to maximise their use and benefit to society.

The IET promotes professionalism and supports ethical behaviour in the practice of science, engineering and technology by all stakeholders. In so doing, the IET seeks to increase the level of public trust and confidence in the positive contributions to society that new and emerging digital technologies can bring.

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6G: how can we make it open, inclusive and focussed on the great global challenges?

FEB 2021

The global population is expected to rise to 9.3 billion by 2050, with continued ecological burdens on our planet.

Resources such as soil, water and commodity materials are already under stress.

Engineers must work collaboratively with other disciplines to produce the solutions we need.

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NOV 2021

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OCT 2020

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SEPT 2020

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