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Impact in Society Awards

Who is it for?

Teams of engineers of all types and sizes including multi and cross-discipline.  They can be based anywhere in the world and be from any part of industry.

They can be formed of any number of individuals and can include junior team members e.g., apprentices and early career technicians.

What are the awards for?

Sustainability and climate change – teams working to secure securing a zero-carbon future

Digital Futures – teams collaborating on projects in the field of promoting professional ethics and trust

Healthy lives – teams innovating assisted living, robotics

What's on offer?

A Trophy: Winning teams will be presented with a trophy to proudly showcase their teamwork success.

An awards ceremony: You will be invited to attend the ceremony to celebrate teamwork winners, shortlisters and to share your story with the STEM community.

Network and develop your team’s careers: At the ceremony, you will have the opportunity to network with other inspirational engineers and the IET Chief Executive and Secretary.

Tell your team story: We want to share the story of your team’s collaboration, so you will benefit from IET-led PR and communications activities.

What else do I need to know?

  • These awards are open for nomination or self-application; the more first-hand information provided, the better. Teams are encouraged to nominate themselves.
  • Whether the work delivered is in the public or private sector, all applications will be considered if applicants can prove that teamwork has enabled you to deliver impactful engineering solutions.
  • Inspirational and impactful work and significant advancements made to improve the quality of life from the unsung heroes in the industry is especially welcome.
  • A lead applicant or nominator will be asked to complete the online form (not every member of a team).

What's the criteria?

These awards are for teams of engineers (including apprentices, and technicians) and are NOT intended for a specific technology or service.

Awards will not be accepted regarding specific products and services. Impact in Society Awards are all about celebrating teamwork.