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Where are they now?

Stephanie Adeyemo 2021 Winner

I was delighted to have received an IET Postgraduate Research Award in 2021 for my PhD research where I studied the fundamental physical mechanisms in semiconductor nanomaterials using ultrafast terahertz spectroscopy. Being a two-timer IET awards winner both in my undergraduate and postgraduate studies, such recognition from IET has given me a great sense of achievement in my career and has boosted my career opportunities. I am grateful for the commitment of IET to support and celebrate their members.

The IET postgraduate research award helped me to round up projects in my PhD research of which I have had the opportunity to present at international conferences. In addition, I was able to explore and test new research ideas for my postdoctoral research.

Since winning the IET award in my PhD, I have gone on to a Junior Research Fellowship at Newnham College in the University of Cambridge, where I am researching polarization sensitive terahertz devices using semiconductor nanomaterials with great potential in applications such as pharmaceuticals and wireless communications. 

Chao Gong 2021 winner

In June 2021, Chao Gong applied for and won an IET Postgraduate Prize for his research interest in the safety of high-voltage powertrain based electric vehicles. The prize has motivated Chao and built his confidence to go further in his research. With the support of the award, he plans to attend more conferences and summits to collaborate both in the UK and internationally.

It's fair to say that Chao’s recent award is just the latest recognition of over ten years of studying and working to help engineer a better world.

Chao is now a Research Assistant hired by his PhD supervisor as part of the ‘Newton Advanced Fellowship: Artificial intelligence supported safe operation and health prediction for electric vehicle motors’ project.

In addition to his Postgraduate Research award, he also won an IET Travel Award for international travel. Chao travelled to China in November 2021 to attend the 2021 International Joint Conference on Energy, Electrical and Power Engineering.

Members of the panel felt it was a strong application and that the award would add value and benefit to the IET and the wider community.

Chao has already published over 20 journal and conference papers and has published seven IEEE Transactions journal papers as the first author. He has shared his academic achievements during his PhD with his peers through publications and international conferences.

Koorosh Aslansefat 2020 winner

In 2020, I was thrilled to win an IET Postgraduate Award for my PhD research on Data-driven Reliability-centred Evolutionary and Automated Maintenance for Offshore Wind Farms (DREAM) — a project funded by Électricité de France (EDF) Research in London. 

I have been able to continue working on the DREAM project since winning the award. In addition, I have joined the Dependable Intelligent System Research group at the University of Hull as a research associate. The IET Postgraduate Award helped me to advance my research and I was able to propose a new concept for safety evaluation of artificial intelligence known as “SafeML”. I received the Alan Turing Institute Postdoctoral Enrichment Award for the idea of SafeML in 2022. 

I am currently working on a European project called SESAME (Secure and Safe Multi-Robot Systems) where I focus on developing frameworks like SafeML and SafeDrones to improve the safety and security of multi-robot systems.  

Adam McKenzie 2020 winner

I was fortunate to receive an award in 2020 for my industry-focused PhD research on metalorganic vapour-phase epitaxy (MOVPE) and photonic crystal surface emitting lasers (PCSELs). The recognition associated with an award from an organisation like the IET has been a source of great strength and confidence in my own abilities as I look to build a career as a researcher.

The IET Postgraduate Prize directly facilitated an exciting collaboration with colleagues in Japan and now, with COVID-19 restrictions easing, I hope to visit Tokyo in the Autumn to meet with them in person and to present my research at the SSDM conference.

Since the award, I have gone on to publish my work through several journal articles and conference presentations, and have subsequently won an IET Travel Award allowing me to attend the international conference on MOVPE in Stuttgart, and take part in a research visit with potential new collaborators.

I am currently in the process of writing up my PhD thesis and have recently taken up a new role as a KTP Associate with the University of Glasgow and Vector Photonics where I work on improving the reliability of PCSELs, helping to drive their commercialisation.

Una Davies 2020 winner

I was honoured to receive an IET Postgraduate Prize last year and even though we were not able to hold a physical awards ceremony due to the pandemic, it was great to celebrate virtually with the IET and recognise the amazing achievements of so many young engineers.

Since winning the award I have secured a postdoctoral position at UW Madison in the USA, where I will be working in one of the foremost nuclear engineering departments in the country.

My research there will focus on advanced reactors, in particular small modular reactors, and the possibilities for combining nuclear power with renewable energy sources.