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IET Achievement Medals 2022

2022 IET Faraday Medal winner – Dr Chad A Mirkin

Prestige Medal Winners

Faraday Medal

Dr Chad A. Mirkin

The 99th Faraday Medal is awarded to Dr Chad A. Mirkin PhD for his contributions to nanotechnology and nanoengineering, including the invention and development of spherical nucleic acids (SNAs).

This technology is being used in the early detection of diseases (including sepsis and COVID19), and identification of new genetic markers (such as for Alzheimer’s, HIV, cardiac disease, and cancers), and has led to a new therapeutic pipeline for gene regulation and immunotherapy.

Dr Mirkin is the Director of the International Institute for Nanotechnology and the George B. Rathmann Professor of Chemistry.

He is also a Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Materials Science & Engineering, and Medicine at Northwestern University, Illinois, USA.

Mountbatten Medal

Dr Santokh Badesha

The Mountbatten Medal is awarded to Dr Santokh Badesha PhD DSc MNAE FNAI FRSC CSci for developing materials enabling the broad use of laser printing and the creation of colour laser printing.

Dr Badesha’s inventions appear in nearly every production product released by Xerox in the past 25+ years; he is internationally recognised for the invention of foundational technologies that have supported the era of digital printing on demand, transforming the communication and productivity of hundreds of millions of people globally.

With over 250 US issued patents he is one of the world’s most prolific inventors. Dr Badesha is a Xerox Fellow and Manager of Open Innovation at Xerox.

He is also the Adjunct Professor for Innovation with Purdue University’s Elmore Family School of Electrical and Computer Engineering

IET Achievement Medals

Professor Tom Crick

Professor Tom Crick MBE CEng FLSW FAcSS FIET is the winner of an Achievement Medal in STEM Education and Policy.

Professor Crick’s work across the research/policy/practice interface represents a distinguished and impactful contribution across education, skills, digital economy, and national infrastructure.

He is recognised internationally as leading the development of an innovative new science and technology school curriculum in Wales, alongside wider leadership in UK digital/engineering/technology policy as Chair of several high-profile reviews for the Welsh Government.

He is the Deputy Pro-Vice Chancellor at Swansea University.

Professor Jean-Pierre Raskin

Professor Jean-Pierre Raskin FIEEE is the winner of an IET Achievement Medal in Electronics.

Professor Raskin is recognised worldwide for his pioneering work in the field of silicon-based technologies for RF and millimetre-wave applications, for his work on high-resistivity (HR) Silicon-on-Insulator (SOI) substrate to reduce losses, signal distortion and crosstalk between RF integrated circuits. Today, the invented RF SOI substrate is used by all the microelectronics foundries for building a wide variety of wireless devices.

His research focuses on RF technologies which are affordable to everyone, consume minimal energy, and use natural resources efficiently.

He is a Full Professor at the Louvain School of Engineering and the director of the RF-SOI group at UCLouvain, Belgium. He is consultant for many microelectronics companies active in the RF domain.

IET Achievement Medal for Volunteering

Justina Ho

Justina Ho MIET is the winner of the IET Volunteer Medal for her outstanding contribution to promoting STEM education in Hong Kong through her work with the Hong Kong Local Network (HKLN).

As well as being an active Local Network volunteer for the HKLN for many years, she has also been an active Council Member and member of the Volunteer Engagement Board, where she has made it her mission to help the IET to reach out to different regions and cultures, and to address local concerns with IET’s global visions.

As the STEM Programme Coordinator for the HKLN she has led the promotion of STEM to young people in Hong Kong, established the STEM task force and a range of local STEM activities including the STEM4Girls mentorship programme. 

Early Career Professional Medals

Sir Henry Royce Award

Mike Sargeant Award

Paul Fletcher Award

Dr Richard Taylor

Dr Richard Taylor PhD MIET CEng FIES is the winner of the Sir Henry Royce Medal for his work in commercialising his pioneering PhD research on a new class of laser diode that is redefining his research field.

He is globally recognised as a technology leader, inventing photonic crystal surface-emitting lasers (PCSELs), which deliver low cost with high speed (data) and power.

Co-founding Vector Photonics in 2020, he is now the Chief Technical Officer, he has led the technical development and growth of the company, a spin-out from the University of Glasgow, and an Enterprise Partner of the IET.

He has built a culture of Engineering Excellence within the company where all employees are encouraged to work towards Chartership.

Professor Mayank Kejriwal

Professor Mayank Kejriwal MBA PhD is the winner of the Mike Sargeant Career Achievement Award for his pioneering applied research in knowledge graphs: an influential, cross-disciplinary area of AI with significant industrial impacts.

Professor Kejriwal’s work in knowledge graphs has been applied to solving difficult social problems, such as human trafficking, detecting disinformation on social media, and understanding financial corruption.

He currently leads two multi-million-dollar projects funded by the US government to solve moonshot AI problems, with collaborators including researchers from MIT, Stanford and Purdue.

Tegan Forbes

Tegan Forbes MEng MIET is the winner of the Paul Fletcher Award for her outstanding work with students and early career professionals, which is at the forefront of IET strategic plans of engaging and increasing the under 40 membership base. 

Whilst at university, Tegan won an IET Engineering Horizons Bursary and went on to found and chair the IET Loughborough On Campus group, where she successfully ran multiple events to engage students.

Now living in Bristol for her graduate job at Rolls Royce, she has created a brand new Young Professional Section within the IET Bristol Local Network.

Tegan has been an asset to the Young Professionals Committee, where she started as a student representative, attended the Young Professionals Community Volunteer Conference whilst studying in Singapore, before going on to chair the Scholarships and Bursary Council.