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Earn while you learn

In fact, one of the main benefits often cited by apprentices is the ability to start learning out of college and learning on the job. But exactly how much will you earn, and will all your expenses be covered?

Government funding

Most UK employers pay an apprenticeship levy which is used to pay an apprenticeship provider for the costs of delivering an apprenticeship. Apprentices do not pay fees themselves.

Financial support from the IET

The IET Engineering Horizons Bursary is the latest addition to the many awards and scholarships offered. It’s designed to support passionate apprentices who face obstacles or personal challenges and need a little help. Bursary award winners will get £1,000 a year for the duration of their apprenticeship (up to four years), free IET membership and support, and full free support to achieve professional registration. Only those on IET accredited apprenticeship schemes are eligible to apply for a bursary.

Apprenticeship salaries

For up-to-date information about the minimum wage rate for apprentices, please visit the GOV.UK website.


You should get at least 20 days of holiday a year - whatever you get on top of that is a bonus. You’re also entitled to paid holidays and bank holidays, and if you’re studying while working, you’ll probably also get paid time off to study! It’s always a good idea to discuss details with your employer before agreeing to anything.

NUS Apprentice extra card

The National Union of Students (NUS) offers a discount card for apprentices.

It costs £11 to buy, and you’ll get hundreds of discounts on cinemas, restaurants, shops and transport. It could save you over £500 a year!