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Professional registration fees in India

You must be a member of the IET before applying for professional registration. For more information about the associated membership fees please visit the membership fees page and for more information on applying for membership please visit the about IET membership page.

Candidates are encouraged to apply online through Career Manager, the IET’s skills development and recording tool. Applications made via Career Manager attract a considerable discount.

Benefits of applying via Career Manager include:

  • Mandatory fields mean that we are less likely to have to go back to you for more information and can process your application faster.
  • You can keep track of your application using Career Manager so you don’t have to wait for updates from the IET via email or letter.
  • Your details are kept on a secure online system, therefore eliminating any data risk.
  • With this more efficient, streamlined application process in place, the IET can process more applications and recognise more engineers working at professional levels.

Paper applications will continue to be accepted – please see associated fees below.

Application fees for professional registration in Rupees

Career Manager Application   Paper Submission  
Chartered Engineer (CEng) 11,550 Rupees Chartered Engineer (CEng) 15,300 Rupees
Incorporated Engineer (IEng) 11,550 Rupees Incorporated Engineer (IEng) 15,300 Rupees
Engineering Technician (EngTech) 2,550 Rupees Engineering Technician (EngTech) 3,750 Rupees
ICT Technician (ICTTech) 2,550 Rupees ICT Technician (ICTTech) 3,750 Rupees


Engineering Council entrance fees (payable upon notification of successful registration)

We collect an entrance fee on behalf of the Engineering Council in order to add successful candidates' names to the Engineering Council's list of registered engineers.

Please note: This fee is payable by all successful registrants.

Chartered Engineer (CEng) 6,750 Rupees
Incorporated Engineer (IEng) 5,700 Rupees
Engineering Technician (EngTech) 2,350 Rupees
ICT Technician (ICTTech) 2,350 Rupees


Once you are professionally registered with the Engineering Council, you are required to pay the IET qualified and registered member fee plus the Engineering Council annual registration fee.

You can find out more about these fees by visiting the membership fees page.

IET certificates

Membership or professional registration certificates are provided free of charge unless a  replacement professional registration certificate is required in which case a small administration fee will be charged. For further information please email

Re-application fees within three years of original application*

Chartered Engineer (CEng) 8,300 Rupees
Incorporated Engineer (IEng) 8,300 Rupees
Engineering Technician (EngTech) 2,400 Rupees
ICT Technician (ICTTech) 2,400 Rupees


* For CEng and IEng applications, this will be within three years of your interview.

Note: If you are applying more than three years since your original application for EngTech and ICTTech, or more than three years since your interview for CEng or IEng, you will be required to pay the full application fee as stated at the top of this page.  

Appeal fees

(Refundable if the appeal is successful)

Chartered Engineer (CEng) 8,300 Rupees
Incorporated Engineer (IEng) 8,300 Rupees
Engineering Technician (EngTech) 2,400 Rupees
ICT Technician (ICTTech) 2,400 Rupees


Request to transfer registration fees (from another UK engineering institution)

To transfer your professional registration to the IET, you will need to ensure that your Engineering Council subscription payments are up to date.

Chartered Engineer (CEng) 4,650 Rupees
Incorporated Engineer (IEng) 4,650 Rupees
Engineering Technician (EngTech) 2,400 Rupees


How to pay locally

IET Services (India) Private Limited sells professional registration in India. Therefore, upon purchasing professional registration from IET Services (India) Private Limited, if successful, you will be awarded professional registration through the IET*.

Subscription rates include GST - 18 per cent.

* The IET is licensed to award professional registration on behalf of the Engineering Council UK.

Payment by cheque/demand draft

Payment by Rupee cheque or demand draft to be sent with the application to:

IET Services (India) Private Limited
Unit No. 405 and 406, 4th Floor, West Wing
Raheja Towers
MG Road
Bengaluru 560 001

T: +91 80 4089 2222

Please ensure that cheques/demand drafts are crossed at PAR in favour of "IET Services (India) Private Limited" and are "payable at Bengaluru" (please write your name and address on the reverse of the cheque).

Note that outstation cheques, cash and money orders cannot be accepted.

All prices are in Rupees.

All fees are non-refundable with the exception of the appeal fee.

IET Services (India) Private Limited is the appointed distributor of IET products and services in India.

IET Services (India) Private Limited regd. office Unit No. 405 & 406, 4th Floor, West Wing, Raheja Towers, M.G. Road, Bengaluru, 560 001.

GST Number: 29AACCI9525K1Z3 PAN: AACCI9525K

Need help?

If you require assistance or advice please contact the IET Services (India) Private Limited office in Bengaluru.

Latha S
M: +91 95384 00545