Supporting document guidance for Career Manager applications

Candidates applying for professional registration have the option to upload documents (from a limited set) to support their application. Some of these documents may be mandatory - these will be identified on the registration checklist.

Any documents uploaded will need to be less than 0.5MB.

There are a number of file extension options, however PDF files are preferable. 

You can only upload one document per file type, for example, if you have more than one certificate to upload these need to be in a single document. Multiple files uploaded separately will not be included in your application. 

Accountability diagram (CEng or IEng applications)

The accountability diagram should show two or three levels of authority above and below your post highlighting any professionally registered members of the IET or similar professional bodies, noting their category of membership and registration. You should indicate yourself with an arrow or similar to show your position. If you have changed role or worked on more than one team or project then you can include more than one diagram but these should be included in the same file. The accountability diagram will be submitted alongside your professional registration application form if it is marked as current.


Please provide a copy of your further or higher education certificate(s) with your application.

You only need to provide copies of further or higher education certificate(s) relevant to the category of registration you are applying including any which you have already registered with the IET.

If you are applying for an approved apprentice route you should include a transcript of the knowledge and competence units you have completed as well as your Apprenticeship Certificate.

Development action plan

The Development Action Plan (DAP) is a mandatory part of the registration application. It is a demonstration of your commitment to maintaining and continuing professional competence, often referred to as Continuing Professional Development (CPD). This does not need to be linked to an organisation - it can be self-managed. This is not a record of past development – this will be evidenced in your application. This is a plan for the future with short and long term goals and how you are going to achieve them.

If you are using Career Manager to plan your development you can export a copy of your development action plan from My Development. You should choose to export a copy of all active objectives to show your forward planning.

It is about identifying and prioritising your development needs and opportunities. For example, you may wish to move into engineering management, this may require you to gain an MBA. Your DAP should identify a blend of learning, from different learning ways, including work-based learning, across the competence and commitment areas (a mix of technical, management and personal development training, plus that specific to demonstrating a professional commitment, like safety training or training in engineering ethics.

It is also about updating particular areas of competence, so that as a practicing engineer you are fully in line with the current requirements, development of personal and management skills and broadening of experience leading to new career opportunities.

Assessment Summary

Also known as a ‘Professional Registration Assessment’ on Career Manager.

If you have a completed Professional Registration Competence Assessment, you can include this to support your professional registration application.  You must export a pdf copy of your ‘Assessment Summary Report’, which must have been verified by at least one of your supporters within four weeks of the date you are planning to submit your professional registration application.  Upload it within the ‘Supporting Document’ area of Career Manager, selecting’ Verified Assessment Summary’ as the upload file type.

N.B This document acts only as further evidence to support your application; you are still required to complete all elements of the application form including a detailed employment history. If you do not complete all areas of your application this may be returned to you to provide additional experience.

Other supporting documents

If you are applying under a streamline professional registration route then you may need to submit a supporter endorsement form (for AF streamlined route) or a JNCO Annual Assessment form (for JNCO -  junior non-commissioned office - route).  These documents do not apply to most candidates applying for professional registration.