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Apply for a mentor

A successful mentoring relationship requires time and commitment, and you’ll be responsible for following up with your mentor and leading the relationship.

This relationship lasts as long as necessary and you’re likely to be in touch several times as you explore your professional registration options.

Why register for a mentor?

  • Gain a different perspective and get challenged based on mentor experience.
  • Receive encouragement, motivation and help to set and achieve goals.
  • Improve your professional outlook and attitude.
  • Learn to think critically and challenge your assumptions.
  • Enhance your career and professional development.
  • Overcome obstacles and learn to navigate common pitfalls.

How do I register?

Applying for a mentor won’t cost you a thing because it’s part of your member benefits.

This means you’ll need to be a member working in an engineering or technology role in order to apply.

Simply download the mentee registration form, and send it to the mentoring team with a copy of your CV.

We'll contact you to talk about your next steps.

Because demand is high, it could take up to a week or so for us to find the right mentor for you.