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Keep up to date with the latest Career Manager news

We will regularly update this page to bring you the latest news about how the new version of Career Manager of is evolving including what to expect in the coming months and key information for users such as common questions and update dates.

Can I still use Career Manager for my CPD?

Yes. You can continue to plan, record, and submit your annual CPD declarations. From 5 October 2021 we will be making some changes, including:

  • A CPD declaration dashboard
  • Merging of the CPD ‘Planning’ and ‘Recording’ cards.

CPD declaration dashboard

This dashboard will allow you to view all your CPD declaration data in one place, including your total CPD hours and the breakdown of your different activity types. The dashboard will become available once you have submitted your annual CPD record and you’ll also be able to see how your activity compares against other IET members.

Merging of the CPD ‘Planning’ and ‘Recording’ cards

Integration of these two cards will allow you to simultaneously plan and record your CPD. You’ll be able to copy activities and pin them to goals without having to navigate between two separate screens.

Is the process for recording CPD still the same?

Yes, the way you record CPD is the same with the addition of being able to copy, pin and associate activities with goals retrospectively. 

Is there anything that makes recording CPD easier?

Yes, you can add new CPD activities straight from the Career Manager home screen, so you can capture them with ease and add further detail later should you wish.

Will I be able to view my CPD data from previous years?

Yes, but only dating back to 2019 if you submitted your annual CPD record for that year in the new Career Manager. Moving forwards, you will be able to view and compare your CPD declaration data for any CPD declarations submitted in the new Career Manager.

Has anything changed to the Professional Registration application process?

This will remain the same and you’ll continue to be able to prepare and submit your Professional Registration application in Career Manager.