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Keep up to date with the latest Career Manager news

We will regularly update this page to bring you the latest news about how the new version of Career Manager is evolving including what to expect in the coming months and key information for users such as common questions and launch dates.

When will the new version of Career Manager launch?

We are pleased to announce that from Tuesday, 20 October 2020, the new version of Career Manager is here and ready for you to use.

I’m using Career Manager for my CPD, what shall I do now?

As like before, you can plan, record and submit your CPD, as well as view previous CPD entries.

I’m using Career Manager to prepare my Professional Registration application, what shall I do now?

From 20 October, you can prepare and submit your Professional Registration application in Career Manager.

I am a volunteer who uses Career Manager, what should I do?

Inform anyone you are supporting that the new version has launched and is ready for them to use.

What features will change on the new Career Manager?

Here are some of the exciting new features:

  • Mobile responsive interface for use on tablets or other mobile devices.
  • Modern look and feel with a simplified interface.
  • Receive feedback on competence assessments and CPD plans.
  • Simply save and view your progress as you work towards Professional Registration.
  • Easily set goals, record activities and submit your CPD with our simplified process.

Will there be an App version of the new Career Manager?

We are focussing on updating the existing system to make it a more modern user experience, but we have taken on board feedback about the existing system to make it mobile-responsive.

Any App development would need to take into consideration several factors and work with several systems across the IET but it is on our list for potential future development.

Will my data be migrated into the new Career Manager?

We are updating the reporting offered in the new version of Career Manager so any documents that you have uploaded to support a Professional Registration application or any snapshots you have taken as IPD reports or CPD reports will not be migrated. Job profile data is also not being migrated.

You may notice some field titles in the new version will change or we have consolidated similar fields into one new area. However, the data will be moved to the relevant area for you.

For a full overview of these changes, click the PDF below.


Why has it changed?

The old version of Career Manager was based on an outdated platform which meant we couldn’t provide enhancements or improvements.