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The Key Skills of Mentoring

With increased pressure in our professional lives, the use of mentoring has become widespread and mentors are now regarded as one of the most important sources of support and advice.

This 1.5 hour ‘live’ interactive e-class aims to explore what is meant by the term mentoring and develop the key skills required to become an effective mentor.

Topics covered

  • Your role as an IET Mentor
  • Differences between mentoring and coaching
  • Key skills of a mentor
  • The stages of a mentoring process
  • Communication skills.

Course objectives

  • Accurately be able to identify the three stages of the mentoring process.

Aligned with UK-SPEC competence:

C: Responsibility, management or leadership

Who should attend?

This course is suitable for anyone new to mentoring, or as a refresher.


If you are looking to book five delegates or more on to this course you may benefit from having a ‘live’ e-class specially delivered to your employees as an In-Company course.

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