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Application forms - top tips

Give yourself time

Every application is a marathon, not a race. Leave enough time so that you’re not rushing through the application a few hours before the deadline. Most applications need a minimum of two hours to complete properly. Remember that you’ll be assessed side by side with other applicants, so if you rushed through yours, the employer will notice.

Preparation is key

Before going near the form itself, read the job spec and brainstorm your corresponding strengths. Think of times where you used the specific skills in practice, and make notes of each one. With these fresh in your mind, you can move on to the form itself.

Answer in full

When companies receive a large volume of applications, they look for quick ways to shrink the pool immediately. The first thing they look for is incomplete applications. So if you’ve left even one question out, chances are they won’t read anything else.

Spellcheck, and spellcheck again

Spelling mistakes and grammatical error are usually seen as laziness. So once you’ve spell-checked your document leave it and spellcheck again a few hours later or the next day. Fresh eyes spot fresh errors. If you’re dyslexic, be sure to put that in your application.