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Work experience while job hunting

Which are the best placements for me?

What’s best is always what suits your career ambitions, so choose an area that already interests you. But if you aren’t sure which way you want to go, choose a more generic placement that could expose you to new things. Don’t be too proud, a work placement on a lower rung than you’d like is better than nothing at all.

Make the most of opportunities

Make sure you learn from those around you by listening and watching others who are in the roles you aspire to. Also if you find certain employees supportive, why not ask for their help? Most would be flattered and willing to help with your CV and interview skills.

Want to stay there permanently?

If you really enjoy working for a specific company be sure to let employees know that'd you'd love to work there full-time if the opportunity arose. If you make a great impression on a company they might extend your placement or try to find a job opening for you. While you’re there, take the time to go through the company intranet or staff newsletter if available to find out if there are any internally advertised vacancies.

A parting word

Make yourself indispensable! Get your head down and work really hard. If you finish a project early, ask for the next one. Offer your help to busy employees and get as involved as possible.