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Why get work experience

Whether you're doing a week-long stint or a year in industry, here’s how work experience will make you much more employable.

The benefits of work experience

Boost your soft skills

Get first hand experience with team working, communication and commercial awareness. Employers love these, especially at a graduate level.

Stand out

Differentiate yourself; it’s crucial when job competition is so fierce. It looks good that you’re willing to work rather than just have a good time.

Give yourself an edge

Work experience equips you with knowledge to enhance your job applications and interviews. You'll be able to talk more authoritatively and ask informed questions.

Take a test run

Try things out to see if they suit you. Find out what a certain company or job is actually like, this will have a huge impact on your career choice.

Create opportunities

Some long-term internships can lead to full-time employment as many employers use their placement schemes as the first stage in graduate recruitment.

Professional recognition

The skills you’ll get out of work experience are the first steps towards professional registration. Record your achievements with the IET’s Career Manager